Friday, 30 September 2016

Product Description Summary

Fleet One Vehicle Tracking system is developed by WEX Fleet One which offers a wide range of GPS tracking solutions to both the private and government sectors, catering to vehicle fleets of varying sizes.

According to Goetz (2011), its digital platform consists of a two-way touchscreen interface that displays fleet information. Likewise, value added features such as online account management and ‘fuel transactions reporting’, helps makes the system intuitive and allows companies to reduce ‘fuel fraud’ when refuelling.

Additionally, trainings are provided by for new users through both online and offline means.

In my opinion, this telematics product would be of great value as its integrated system would help the company to improve its fleet management.

Sources: Fleet One Helps Narrow Down Important Data. (2011, February). Lauren Fletcher and Grace Suizo. Retrieved from -evolution-of-telematics.aspx


  1. Dear Telson,

    These are my points, after reading your product description.

    1. No citation information.
    2. Key points are present, in the first paragraph.
    3. No mention abt the main idea of the source article.
    4. Response focuses on a specific aspect of the source article in the second paragraph, but only mentioned very briefly.
    5. Stand present, with an opinion and reason.

    There were also some grammar errors in your product description.

    Example: "Additional, trainings are provided by for new..."

    There is no need for the word "by", in this sentence.

    Thanks for reading my opinions.


  2. Dear Karthig,

    Thank you for reviewing my product description summary. I have made the required changes in my following drafts.