Monday, 5 December 2016

Module Reflection

Technical Communications I (TLM1010) is one of the few modules that I have come to appreciate in my first trimester here at SIT. Despite the relatively short course duration, I managed to learn and develop important writing and oral communication skills from the various assignments and learning activities. Some of the useful writing skills I have learnt include, formal letter writing, coming out with a good product description, referencing of sources and developing of product thesis. I was also taught how to prepare and deliver effective presentations, which I feel is one of the most important oral communication skill to develop as an aspiring engineer.

The assignments and learning activities gave me the opportunity to interact and work with my classmates, some of whom were from different educational backgrounds previously. They provided me with valuable insights in regard to their telematics knowledge and proposal writing skills. One particular in-class learning activity that I enjoyed was where we had to give an informal ‘on-the spot’ presentation on the different presentation methods in teams. Although it was challenging, given the short time frame for preparation, we managed to summarize the most important content to get message across.

Throughout the course, I also found the peer feedback and revising of multiple drafts for written assignments to be very useful, as it helped me to point out the specific areas of my writing which I could improve on.

I am confident that the effective communication skills I have learned would be of great help to me in my educational journey here at SIT, as I look to apply and improve on them on a consistent basis through writing and presenting for other relevant engineering modules.

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  1. Thanks, Telson, for the detailed critical reflection. It is clear, concise, fluent and informative. I'm happy to read that you found so many aspects of the module rewarding.

    Best wishes as you continue your learning journey!